Programming for fun again


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These days I was thinking of publishing an app for myself after a long I found some experiments that I made several months ago, and decided to mix one of them with @agraham Gif decoder library, which works perfectly.
The result is promising, and I'm having lots of fun preparing the game (some sort of animated puzzle), while modernizing my code with resumableSubs and other B4X wonders that were not in the original code.

(As Peter Simpson says,) Enjoy... ;)


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I always like to see solutions that I don't know how to build myself :)
That is so true! I especially remember the magic from my childhood, seeing things created on the mighty C64. Once I started making my own games and demos the magic disappeared, to be replaced by the excitement of actually performing a trick or two myself.

Nowadays I'm back at the "wow, magic" phase again, so much has happened that I have no clue how to do. Such as most of Jordis stuff, for instance.


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