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I know how to display a progressDialog but I want to display it something like this:


I want to be able to change the part where it says '191 Name' to start at 1 which will go though to 300 based on a timer, but I don't want the ProgressDialog to close and reopen with a new value I want it to change while it's showing.

I know I can use:

ProgressDialogShow2("message goes here", False)

but that doesn't allow me to display a title on it, or if I run the code in a timer to change the text it looks like it closes the dialog and re-opens it again with my new text, but I want it to change while its open.

Anyone able to help ?


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I think what you will need to do is create your own, put a panel with a 'title' label, a 'loading data' label and an indeterminate progress bar. You can now update the 'loading label' text with your number sequence, when finished just remove the panel.
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