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Hi all,
another logic game from me is Puzzle 15.
There is 15 numbers and 16 spaces. You have to arrange number to desired order by moving them with as little number of moves as possible. If there is a free space next to number, move it simply by touching it. There is also a Shuffle button for random shuffle of layout.
Link is here.

Source code with a few comments added.


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move Shuffle button to center.
on my device is not visible


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Very nice and it works fine on my Desire HD.
If one day you'll want to share code or part will certainly be interesting.


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Hi all,
as a few of you requested source code, I decided to publish it. You can find it as an attachment to first post. There are a few comments in code, if you want to ask something, please feel free to do so.
I know that the game can be done better, but I wanted to try screen rotate and a kind of random generator like in game, so there is some not optimal code, but game is working.
If you find this useful, you can install game from market and click a few times on ad. I and Google will thank you. :D


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Nice job! It runs well on my Vizio VTAB, resolution width 768, height 948 (with title bar). I used to play this game as a kid (about a 100 years ago), a little plastic puzzle you could slide the pieces around in. The bottom row of buttons gets clipped a little, but otherwise it works very well. I've attached a screenshot for you:


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Sliding Tile puzzle

Havent seen your code - but I've done these types of puzzle in software before and if you randomise the tile positions to start a new game (dunno if you do this) , it is possible to generate a puzzle that is impossible to solve!