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Duzzle! (C) 2013-2020 Fernando Fiorenzano

Welcome to the magical world of Duzzle!

Try to face the most fascinating of logic challenges. You have 5 difficulty levels and endless games, but remember: FIRST think, THEN move!

You have 25 numbered tiles in front of you that are randomly shuffled at first. Put them back in order by moving one row or column one step at a time.

How to play?

First of all you have to choose the game level. There are 5 levels of increasing difficulty, from Super Easy to Impossible, but they are not all available from the beginning.

When you play for the first time, you can only select the Super Easy level, which allows you to become familiar with the rules.
Whenever you manage to complete a game at one level (excluding the first 5 training games), the next level will be made available to you. So after solving a scheme on the Super Easy level you can also play on the Easy level.

At this point you have to choose the game you prefer. For each level there are 24 games (5 of which are training sessions) that repeat themselves always the same, in order to give you the opportunity to try again until you complete the pattern. Every time you complete a game, its number will change color. When you have completed all the 'normal' games (i.e. excluding training games), the Bonus will be unlocked, that is, the game n.25, which you can play infinite times with always different solutions. But be careful! To play a new Bonus game, you must first resolve the previous Bonus game.

To play you need to press the arrow buttons to scroll a row or column in the direction you prefer. The numbered card that comes out on one side will re-enter on the opposite side. The game is complete when the numbers are correctly sorted from 1 to 25.
In each game, you can start over from scratch by pressing the Restart button (red exclamation mark).
Below the time is the Suggestions button (question mark). By pressing this button before starting the game you can activate or deactivate the hints.
Next to it is the number of the current game or, if you are playing a Bonus game, the Bonus symbol.
Par indicates the ideal number of moves you should use to solve the game, and depends on the level of difficulty.
The counter of the moves made is displayed next to the Par. In training games or if hints are active, any move that is unsuitable for reaching Par will be automatically canceled.
When you solve a game, the Continue button (arrow on the right) will appear next to the Restart button, which will allow you to go directly to the next game.
To activate and deactivate music or sound effects, press the Music (note) and Sounds (speaker) buttons, also present on the home screen.

Have fun with Duzzle!
And remember: FIRST think, THEN move!

UPDATE 2020/04/05
I published version 6.0 in English and Italian

UPDATE 2020/04/12
Now you can swipe on a row or column


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I'm gonna give this a try just because you explained it so well.


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yes, I wanted to report that.

use english so that most people understand de app functions, dialogues and info.

the game itself is good and easy to understand.
only on the later levels it becomes confusing because you are forced to follow the right order as it reverts your move if it ain't the right one.

maybe add a possibility to swipe on rows/columns?

the "falissimo" font is barely readable.

the sound effects icon is confusing. I think you better use a speaker icon that shows sound is being played. <|)
now you have a disabled sound icon where you put a cross over it.

well done!

Fernando Fiorenzano

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Thanks for the report!

1. The next version (almost ready) will be in English and Italian
2. The automatic cancellation of the move occurs only in the first 5 games of each level, you can always start from game 6 and have no help.
3. The swipe is not currently planned, but it may be in the future.
4. The font changes at each level, "Facilissimo" ("Very Easy") is written like a child would, "Facile" ("Easy") with a "for dummy" font and so on.
On which mobile phone did you try the game? On a small screen maybe the font looks bad, I will look for a more visible font.
5. There are two icons, Music (note) and Effects (speaker), which are in normal state when the sound is active, with a cross when the sound is turned off.
Do you think I should reverse the logic?

Thanks again


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I'm using a Huawei P7 lite at 720x1280. it's readable but that curly font makes it harder.

how it operates is fine. just the speaker is the wrong one. it's already showing no effects.

here's how they usually are being used

on / off



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I published version 6.0 in English and Italian

thanks, easier for us non-italians now ;)

Now you can swipe on a row or column

works fine and it's easier than clicking on the half sized arrow. Thanks.

the app also appears in the google play app since a few days.
Maybe related to my install & review but I couldn't find it earlier and had to mail the store link you posted here to my phone to be able to install it.