Share My Creation Pyramid Mystery 2

Hello everyone, I want to share with you my first game programmed with B4A using Accelerated Surface. I was really surprised how easy it has been to program with this tool, and the performance obtained, since it does not drop below 60pfs.

It is a game to think, there is no time limit to solve each level. The board must be cleaned by joining the identical tiles with a maximum of one, two or three lines, and there should be no obstacles between them. The first levels are very easy, but the last ones are quite difficult. The game has 300 levels.

Hope you like Pyramid Mystery 2



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you have a huge list of games there. Those were not done in B4A? it sounds that the above game was the first one made with B4A that's why I'm asking.

I'll try the game later today.


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Yes, the truth is that I have a few games. The oldest ones were programmed in Adobe Air. I stopped working with Adobe because they didn't update their tool to compile in 64 bit. I also have a couple of games made in Cordova, but I'm not convinced. And the last games I have made have been in Gamemaker Studio 2, which I admit is very powerful, but I find 3 drawbacks:
- Games take up too much space. This game compiled with Gamemaker is 20mb, when compiled with B4A it is 7mb (I'm a fan of optimization)
- Gamemaker takes forever to compile, 20 minutes for arm7, another 20 minutes for arm64 ... total 40 minutes. Compiling this game in B4A only takes me 2 minutes.
- Continuously errors appear in the Google developer console (ANR, s and blocks) that cannot be solved because they are problems of the Gamemaker itself ...
So for now I will use B4A.