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Hi everyone,

I have four questions about b4i.

1) Does b4i have something like Activity_pause for each screen (other than Application_Background)?
2) So far I was not able to locate a class like AudioStreamer of B4A. Is there such a class?
3) How can I run an app in the background without being killed? Similar to partiallock...
4) Is there a way to detect the Bluetooth device that has just been connected to iPhone and run a code accordingly?

Thanks in advance.


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1) B4i life cycle is simpler than in B4A. You have Page_Disappear / Appear events.
2) Not exactly. You can record audio with AudioRecorder from iMedia library.
3) iOS doesn't allow it with the exception of a few use cases. Start a new thread and provide more information.
4) No. You can only detect BLE connections that are managed by your app.
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