Android Question Reading/Writing Old SQLCipher V2 database using SQLCipher V3 library


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Finally after much research and work I managed to solve this problem of incompatibility of the libraries of the V3 version V2 version

That's right, I'm saying it's possible to have any Android version, including 6.0, it can make the libraries of the new version V3 read and write older database of V2 version.

It's simple.

Once you initialize the database add the following line of code:

SQLX.Initialize (File.DirInternal, "" False, databasepassword, "")
CursorX = SQLX.ExecQuery ("PRAGMA cipher_migrate") '<==== only enter this line

'continue here your code

To avoid delays, it is recommended to avoid open and close the database frequently.

I hope you enjoyed the information, and if possible a like me, it gave a lot of work and avoided me having to convert all my original database.
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