iOS Code Snippet Remove touch listener and cancel action

While building the Pleroma client (, I've encountered several cases where the touch events had some unwanted behavior.
The reason for this, is that there are multiple stacked views that listen for the touch events: B4XDrawer, xCustomListView (= ScrollView) and panels that hold the modified BBCodeViews.

Two things that help improve the touch events behavior:

1. Removing the built-in click event of CLV.
CLV.Add(pnl, Value)
#if B4i
#End If

#if B4i
Private Sub RemoveClickRecognizer (pnl As B4XView)
    Dim no As NativeObject = pnl.Parent
    Dim recs As List = no.GetField("gestureRecognizers")
    For Each rec As Object In recs
        no.RunMethod("removeGestureRecognizer:", Array(rec))
End Sub
#End If

2. Adding a special action value to cancelled touch gestures.

By default, touch events start with ACTION_DOWN, followed by zero or more ACTION_MOVE events and end with ACTION_UP event.
There are some cases where the ACTION_UP event happens because the touch gesture was cancelled.
It can happen, for example, when the user touches a panel inside a ScrollView and starts moving the finger slowly. At some point the ScrollView starts treating it as a "scrolling" gesture and the panel will receive an ACTION_UP event although the user didn't really lift the finger.

We can change this behavior by adding this code to the main module:
#if OBJC
@interface B4IPanelView  (touchcancelled)
@implementation B4IPanelView  (touchcancelled)

- (void)touchesCancelled:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event {
        B4I* bi = [self valueForKey:@"bi"];
        NSString* eventName = [self valueForKey:@"eventName"];
        for (UITouch *u in touches) {
            CGPoint p = [u locationInView:self];
            [bi raiseEvent:self event:eventName params:@[@4, @(p.x), @(p.y)]];
#End If

It will cause the touch event to be raised with action = 4 and will allow us to treat this differently.