Android Question Reutilice designer layouts like usercontrols

Jose Luis Barajas

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Hello Friends

I am new with B4A, and I come from C #, I have seen much material forum, and I want to know if it is possible to reuse the same designed layout several times. In the .NET C# world, I can make a usercontrol and call in my Forms, etc.

Let me explain:

For example make a layout with multiple views and use for different data in the same activity.
For example display all within a scrollview with a panel and call the layout, ie design once and reused several times.



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Sure, you can.
If the layout is exactly the same, instead of loading a new layout you could change the parameters of the views according to the new data.
If you really want to reuse the layout you must remove all 'old' views from the Panel before loading the new layout.
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