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Pedro Caldeira

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Hello All,

I have created a B4J Applicstion that runs in Linux and listens for some data in a specific port and ip address and the connects to a websocket ansd relays the date with some code processing in the middle.
All is working well.
Now, I need to port the code to B4A so it runs in Android.
The application does not work in background with the data sending application on top.
as soon as I switch the the background applicacion the data is received, processed and sent to the websocket, as it should.
Is the a way to make some kind of service or TSR app runs without the need to be visible ?


Pedro Caldeira

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Now I have another issue.
I want to send some text from a sub result in the service to a lavel in the activity layout.
How can I do that ? Using Callsub gives me an error.
How can I refer to the label in the activity from the service ?


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