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Guenter Becker

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Hello this is the man with troubles again
who needs your help

In my custom control I like to implement a scroll view because the content of the controls panel is often higher then the height of the screen.

I coded as followes in the page crate event:
    ' mainpanel setup
    pnl.Width =mBase.Width : pnl.height=2*mBase.height

    ' add mscrollview to layout
    scv.Width = mBase.width

And all content of the panels child views are pretty shown but only the part of the mbase height. I am not able to scroll down to the end of the panel.
What is going wrong?

Thank you in advance
stay well

Guenter Becker

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Hih Jeffery you did your daily good job! Thank you this works sometings one (in this case me) can be really stupid.
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