Android Question SD_FlexGrid headers font

Hi everyone!
Is this pissible to change headers font and fontsize in sd_flexgrid?
Set...Cusomize works fine, but affects only on table body cells. What about headers?
SDFlexGrid1.SetCellCustomize(0,0,xui.Color_White, xui.Color_Black, xui.CreateDefaultBoldFont(8)) affects on "top-left" cell of table, but not on header. I had try put row number -1 instead of 0 (just in case, who knows...). But naturally got error message from debugger.
It's easy to change name of column, which is text in header, but I jam with header's font size.
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Download version 0.15. The HeaderFont property has been added. Or by design by changing the font of the label it will also change for the header
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