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Khairy Abdelhamid

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Dear All,


In Android: I can send apk file to my friends/customers to install it into their mobiles, even I upload apk file in my server, and friends can download this file from server and install the App easily. or even send file by WhatsApp.

There is any way to send bin/executable file of iPhone App like as above.
Even if the solution is uploading this file to certain server, and my friends/user download and install the App. ?

Thanks in advance.
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it's another story with IOS apps.

If I recall right you can send your app around but you need to put the device ID of every device that will use the app into your certificate.
The amount is also limited to 100 or something like that.


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Also you have to re-send them a new copy of the app each year the certificate expires. Thats another thing.