Android Question sender and tag problem with NiceSpinner

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by mohammadreza hosseinzadeh, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. mohammadreza hosseinzadeh

    mohammadreza hosseinzadeh Member Licensed User

    hi there
    i use this library and it is not working with tag and sender

    i use to set tag in view coding
    and in item click event i want to use sender but an error apear and said
    Compiling debugger engine code.    (2.00s)
    Compiling generated Java code.    Error
    B4A line: 
    Dim spin As NiceSpinner=Sender
    1271: error: cannot find symbol
      symbol:   class java
    location: class main
    and here is my sub
    dim spiner as nicespinner

    Sub spiner_item_clicked
    Dim spin As NiceSpinner=Sender
    End Sub
    tnx for helping:):)
  2. Jeremy Tipton

    Jeremy Tipton Member Licensed User

    I think you may have a spelling error. Should "spin" in the subroutine actually be "spiner"?
  3. DonManfred

    DonManfred Expert Licensed User

    No. You can name it like you want if you just getting a reference to the original Object with Sender. The Object itself is important, not it´s variablename when defined.
  4. mohammadreza hosseinzadeh

    mohammadreza hosseinzadeh Member Licensed User

    tnx for answers
    but when i do this i get this error
    its not my first time to do tag and sender
    i thing the nice spinner wrapper in lib has some problem
    it would be great if anyone fix this or help me how to figure it out
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