Wish Set common properties by code atributes for the visual designer


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The title was getting too big...
So, while designing Customs Views we have the wonderful feature of Custom Properties set by code attributes... this is awesome...
But in my point of view, a custom view aims to make available complex views that otherwise would not be... available.
These CV very rarely have a "standard" size, and most of the times the dev has to set its size manually. Most times this is not a big issue.. but I am in the midst of creating a 700x180 Custom view. Since I am the one designing and creating the view, it's size is not an issue, but once I distribute it, even if I mention the size in any form, being it in comments or similar, the designer will always show a "standard" 100x100 base panel. So my wish is that we could set at least a designer default size for custom views so that when such CV is added to a layout it shows its minimum size.