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Hi, I need help to set The Divider in Customlistview. If I select in a design view any colors and set the Height to "1", all customlistview is colored the same color I selected for the divider. Please help!!

Lucas Siqueira

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I need help to set the divider, because if I set any height of the divider the entire customlistview is colored... I'm posting the example, if you look at divides in the design view is blue and height =2, but I don't want that color for all customlistview....

there are some peculiarities in the custom list view.

when you set a color for the spacing between clv items.

this color ends up being the item's background when it has not been defined in the item's layout. one solution is to put a panel at the bottom of the item, that way you can put the color you like on the item and a totally different color in the spacing of your clv items.

in case you want the thread color to be different for each item. the suggestion is, put a panel on the item, which will serve as spacing, and set the spacing of your clv equal to zero,
so there will be no spacing color, but the panel you placed on the item will be your division from one item to another on the clv...



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