B4R Question Share SPI with Ethernet + else?


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So, I am thinking about using B4R on a specific project with MQTT thats needed instead of what I am used to which is BASCOM-AVR.

But, its not clear how to use the SPI between the Ethernet, and another chip which in my case is an SPI driven AD9834.

I already know how to setup the SPI and use the AD9834 in BASCOM, Already wrote the code.

But Its not clear how to specify the Chip Select pin for the Ethernet library here, and if I can share the same SPI bus with my AD9834 chip and somehow write the code for it.

I can do both of these things in BASCOM, but BASCOM has severe limitations with its memory management, and it doesnt have DNS or DHCP which makes using it for MQTT difficult, whereas it seems B4R supports all of this.

any thoughts?