Simple Bluetooth application for Android and IOS


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My small company needs a small application as follow:

The purpose is to send a string to an HC-05 module that itself will send to a microcontroller.

So I need a string list, that must be editable (add, edit, delete) and a button to send it to the module. Each string as also attached an attribute (selectable) that instructs the microcontroller how to handle the string.

The attribute must be the 1st char of the string, and can be also an ASCII char.

Example = “#String”. The cardinal will be the attribute. The string will be terminated by the standard CRLF pair.

That’s all. If possible, the same app for IOS and Android. Of course, the app must be able to adapt the several smartphone screens.

To know more about the module, please google “hc-05 bluetooth”

If any interest, please PM so we can discuss price and conditions.

Thank you.