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    SmartStart NFC

    Comprends un module autonome 12V / 10A NO NC COM et un module esclave bluetooth, les commandes s'effectue via votre smartphone Android et une Carte à puce de proximité sans contact MIFARE.

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    "Oui, je suis Catherine Deneuve"

    English, please :)
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    Includes a 12V / 10A NO NC COM standalone module and a bluetooth slave module, orders are made via your Android smartphone and a MIFARE contactless proximity chip card.
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    Why use a smartphone as middleman?
    The NFC reader is small enough and consumed so litte battery in standby mode that it would make for a far more suitable approach.
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    Hi, I use the smartphone because it is a global interfacing project.

    Screenshot_20180321-124203.png Screenshot_20180321-124208.png Screenshot_20180321-124221.png Screenshot_20180321-124250.png Screenshot_20180321-124230.png Screenshot_20180515-223357.png Screenshot_20180513-171840.png
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