Android Question SmsMessages not returning latest Txts


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I have a simple app that reads the latest text messge out loud for me. I hadn't used it for a while and now find that sometimes it reads an older text.
I've created a quick bit of debug code and it clearly lists all the txts available, in order of newest first, but the list simply doesn't include the very latest
debug log:
Dim SmsMsgs As SmsMessages
listSms = SmsMsgs.GetAll
For i = 0 To listSms.Size-1

The weird thing is while trying to debug, a friend sent a text, then suddenly B4X would list his text and the other missing ones. But some hours later, back to square one where a new text was no longer showing up. Haven't found a consistent way to reproduce when it happens, or when it stops happening.
Android 13. Latest B4X. I do have targetSdkVersion="28" which is old, because I need to read/write a folder in root and it doesn't go near play store.