Android Question SOLVED - AHViewPager & B4XPages

Robert Valentino

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Is it possible to use AHViewPager and B4XPages?

Can a B4XMainPage have a tab bar that each B4XPage is a a tab entry?

If I never call ShowPageAndRemovePreviousPages (but do init the pages) and call sub routines to draw when there tab showing (passing the MainPage root) all data shows fine.

But I cannot seem to get Clicks that a Tab changed (in B4XMainPage) when pressing on the tab bar. There are clicks but never triggers my page change routine.

The reasons I am using AHViewPager, AHViewPagerFixedTabs, AHPageContainer is that I am converting a old program and some features I like better then tabs.

In the original program I was doing all this using just using Class modules and all works fine. I figured if I used B4XPage Class module I could get rid of some background server routines.

Maybe other than getting rid of background server routines there isn't a good reason to use B4XPages for this.

Robert Valentino

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Scratch everything above.

Just a brain fart.

I had done:
mPager.PagingEnabled  = false
at top of code and never set back to true at end of routine

Only found it because I had a thought "it seems like the tab buttons are ignoring touches", daa yeah dummy they were.
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