Android Question [SOLVED] [B4X] How to use the BorderColor property in IDE theme?


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This is a follow-up to this Wish:

Add theme setting for "Current Line Outline"

It is done with a new BorderColor attribute

I'm unable to get it working. Has anyone figured it out? I tried looking at the available themes also, but none seemed to have the attribute added.

Here's what I've tried to add to my custom theme, without any visual change at all:
<Item Name="Border Color" Foreground="0x0000FFFF" Background="0x0000FFFF" BoldFont="No"/>

<Item Name="BorderColor" Foreground="0x00FF00FF" Background="0x00FFFF00" BoldFont="No"/>

<Item Name="Border" Foreground="0x00FFFF00" Background="0x00FF00FF" BoldFont="No"/>

(I have restarted the IDE so that's not the problem.)


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I'm unable to get it working
The Color does only appear in the IDE. NOT in the App you are creating.
No need to change the App Theme at all...
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