1. M

    Android Question How to change the text color in statusbar

    Hi everyone my app has a very light color as primary color and the text in the statusbar is not visible anymore because it is white. I wish to set it to dark in order to be readable This is my Manifest, i tried different combination of themes, but maybe i'm not doing the right thing...
  2. D

    Android Question Theme.Holo.Light

    Hello everybody i'm doing prpve with theme wonder if it is possible with the Theme.Holo.Light change color to the actionbar and navigationBar Thank you SetApplicationAttribute(android:theme, "@style/LightTheme") CreateResource(values, colors.xml, <resources> <color...
  3. I

    Android Question How to extract wallpaper colors using Monet theme engine on Android 12?

    As the title says, Android 12's Material You offers the ability to extract colors from a user's wallpaper and use it in your app. All major Google apps (and a few third party apps) have been updated to support this. Can we do this in B4A? Here is the relevant Java/Kotlin code...
  4. F

    Share My Creation [B4X] Dark Theme for Code Editor

    A Dark theme for the IDE env. The theme is matched to my taste of colors :) so i hope others will like it too. To use, download the file and unzip it in the folder below: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Anywhere Software \ Basic4android \ Themes In the IDE, open the Tools / IDE options / Themes...
  5. alirezahassan

    Android Question light theme

    hi all, By putting the theme in the manifest in the app compact, the theme will not be light! Even old sources that are light will be compiled with the latest B4a version are dark what should i do?
  6. B

    Android Question AppCompat: ACSwitch color problem?

    Hi all! In the app I am developing the ACSwitches seem to behave a little strange. As you can see in the example project attached, I load a layout that has some switches in it. The problem is that the first switch always starts with a white color, while the others get their colors from the...
  7. Lucas Siqueira

    Share My Creation [B4X] Dracula theme for ide code

    A while ago, I discovered the Dracula theme for Visual Studio Code, I was enchanted by it, as it does not strain my eyes, if I work for a while with the brightness of the monitor high, my eyes are blurred, so after using the dracula theme I noticed that even though I spend hours in front of the...
  8. Mohsen Torabi

    B4A Library MaatisaLibs - Collection of Themes & Tools

    Hi to all. First of all, My English is bad so i am sorry. I am using B4A for long time, and I am thankful to B4X community and Erel, Because it changes my programming life. This is my first semi-pro;) library, So i hope it will be useful for you. This lib contains 4 Classes and one manifest...
  9. PhilN

    Android Question How can I create custom themes (skins) based on own GUI (not Android themes)

    I want to create different skins for my app based on different themes like modern, space age, historic, grunge, rustic etc. For a start I would like to create only 3 themes which can be packaged with the app even though it might bloat the app somewhat. I do not use Android themes as each button...
  10. Dave O

    Android Question [solved] setting navigationBarColor in manifest: need AppCompat?

    Hi all, I've added support for dark mode in one of my apps, but when I try to specify a black navigationBarColor for the dark theme, nothing happens (it stays white). Here's my manifest code: CreateResource(values-v20, theme.xml, <resources> <style name="MyDarkTheme"...

    Android Question Get manifest values

    Hello, After setting some value into the manifest.xml as for example : <color name="actionbar">#ff039be5</color> how to get that value inside code ? Michel
  12. Sannie72

    Android Question How to change the Navigation Bar icon colors

    I noticed something I have not been able to change yet. In my app the icons on the navigation bar are shown white on a white background. This is not very easy to see ;) My manifest text is as follows: (mainly like decribed here: )...
  13. Cableguy

    B4J Tutorial [ABMaterial] Theming the Framework - ModalSheets

    ModalSheets what are they and what are they for? From ABMaterial Demo we can read: An ABMModalSheet component is like a mini ABMPage helper, but it pops up over the existing page. It has two ABMContainers, one that makes up the header and one for the footer section, so you can use everyting...
  14. Cableguy

    B4J Tutorial [ABMaterial] Theming the Framework

    ABMaterial Framework for WebApps Theming Definition (Wikipédia): Theming refers to "the use of an overarching create a holistic and integrated spatial organization of a consumer venue." Often themes are derived from history, different cultures and fantasy. Theming can vary in...
  15. MegatenFreak

    B4J Question Giving the window border a fixed color

    Hi. I'm using Windows 8.1, and I notice that the color of the title bar and the borders around my forms change to match the theme of Windows. How can I prevent that and give them a fixed color? Thanks in advance.
  16. Hajnal Máté

    Android Question Default IDE theme

    How Can I change the default IDE theme? I know that I can change the theme in Tools->IDE options->Themes but if I close the IDE it will recover from the original one. For example I want to have the IDE Theme MetroDark, Core Editor Theme Dark, but the default is Light, so despite I change it in...
  17. T

    Android Question Overriding themes in manifest file for spinner

    Hi All, I have just started trying to target my app builds to newer version of Android in order to put them on Google Play, previously they were targeted at sdk 4. This has caused my apps to change appearance, so I trying to get them looking how I want using themes and overriding where...
  18. Sandman

    Android Question [SOLVED] [B4X] How to use the BorderColor property in IDE theme?

    This is a follow-up to this Wish: Add theme setting for "Current Line Outline" I'm unable to get it working. Has anyone figured it out? I tried looking at the available themes also, but none seemed to...
  19. Lahksman

    B4J Question [ABMaterial] No uppercase allowed in Cell Theme?

    Could it be that upercase characters aren't allowed in the Cell theme? See following example: MyTheme.Table("tbl1theme").AddCellTheme("ABCcenter") MyTheme.Table("tbl1theme").Cell("ABCcenter").BackColor = ABM.COLOR_YELLOW MyTheme.Table("tbl1theme").Cell("ABCcenter").BackColorIntensity =...
  20. Sandman

    Wish [SOLVED] Add theme setting for "Current Line Outline"

    If I try to make the current line more visible by changing the background color of it, it severely messes up other color settings where I already use the background color. Such as, for instance, Class_Globals below and also the comment on the first line. (The problem isn't shown, just that I use...