Android Question [SOLVED] CicrleScale crashing app


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Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to implement the CircleScale library but I'm missing something in setting it up. When I run the app, the CircleScale custom view is displayed but it doesn't show any numbers or any other type of marks on the view. Only the hand pointer is displayed.

When I tap or try to drag the pointer handle, the app crashes after about 15 seconds.

I created a custom view in the designer and chose CircleScale and through the right click menu set up the Dim statement and the event handler when value changed. I made sure those were on the activity module. In the Tag property I entered 1, 60 because I wanted to set up the view to handle numbers starting from 1 and ending at 60. The parent of this view is a panel. In the text property I entered 1 just to see if the handle would start at that the beginning.

The attached photo shows what is displayed.

Can you tell me if I missed a property that still needs to be set in the designer?




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Try LucasMs advice above and if it does not help - show us all the related code in your application and the designer file.
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