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It's been days since I had to modify an app that I have for ios, today I modified a part of the code and when I tried to compile it gave me an error in the part of "sending data to the remote compiler". Just in case I have generated a signature again, download mobileprovision, certificate. But it keeps giving error.

I sell a gigantic list of lines, but in the first lines I see the following:

note: Using new build system
note: Using codesigning identity override:iPhone Distribution: Jzzz zzz (VXXXXXXXX)

Once the remote compiler had failed for some hour but it used to give a time out error.

Anyone know what can it be?

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You are using old versions of Firebase. The latest version is included in B4i v7.00.
They are also attached. Make sure that iFirebaseAnalytics is selected.
OK I updated to B4i v7.00 and now everything works. Thank you
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