B4J Question [solved] How to creating pdf file with two or more pages with PDFBox


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From this post of spsp about creating and viewing pdf files, i have two question:

Is it possible to create a new pdf document starting from a template, that is, an empty pdf document and fill in the information? the empty document can be an invoice or similar.

First question, how to create a new pdf document from the template.

Second question, how to add pages to the document when the invoice is very long.



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It works in the following way:

Root document:
Private box As PDFBox
box.Initialize("", File.Combine(File.DirData(appName), sourcepdf))
Dim doc As PDDocument = box.Document

Content stream first page:
Dim p1 As PDPage = doc.GetPage(nPage)
Dim cs As PDPageContentStream ' Create a PageContentStream
cs.Initialize("", doc, p1, "APPEND", False, False)

Some writing ops:
SetPDFText(cs, hlp.COURIER, 10, 0, 0, 0, 2, True, mm, 265, pdaValId, 4.71)

In a loop:
cs.close ' end of current page
Dim px As PDPage = doc.GetPage(nPage) ' new page
Dim cs As PDPageContentStream ' restart content stream
cs.Initialize("", doc, px, "APPEND", False, False) ' add the page

SetPDFText ...
SetPDFText ...

Finally, close the current stream and save the document.
The original pdf document (template) must have several pages to take one at a time for the cs. The unneeded pages can be removed from original template doc.removePage(index)

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