iOS Question [Solved] iBarcode Library Crash Report on AppStore Submit


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I just submitted my app to the Apple review team and they returned me a crash report

they say tapping 'Start reading QRCode' .. App Crash

they are testing the app on an iPad running iOS 14.0.1 over WiFi

I'm using iBarcode Library and i have initialized the scanner in this way

scanner.Initialize("scanner", Panel1bc) --> Panel1bc is an empty Panel present in my Layout

when they tap on 'Start readind QRCode' --> scanner.start ( command is starterd )

I tested the app on my iPad and iPhone with no problems

the Crash Log seems incomprehensible to me, so I ask to the community if there is anyone who can help me

Thanks in advance

in attachment you can find the crash log they sent me

nb: sorry for my english



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according with a post i have found talking about ios error crash log, i have found this lines :

Binary Images:
0x1005e8000 - 0x1007cffff RT App arm64 <7f33e45a12553a2a975b6552afab7c72> /var/containers/Bundle/Application/31D6CD28-0A7C-4125-B149-3FCA572FFEDA/RT App

16 RT App 0x00000001005ed594 0x1005e8000 + 21908

but as i have understand i need a Mac to launch the command :

xcrun atos -o MyApp -arch arm64 -l <binary address> -f 1.txt

can anyone help me, Please ?
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Thanks Erel for your replay,

As you rightly assumed, I found the problem in the camera authorization.

The App asks you for Authorization the first time you start the App and never again.

If you don't give permission at this time, this question will never be returned.

As you already know, you can manually reset all permissions by clicking "General" -> "Reset" -> "Reset location and privacy"

or always manually you can change the permissions directly on the properties of the App

correct me if i'm wrong, but there is no way to force making the permissions question reappear, directly by the App

Obviously the app will not work without camera permission and iBarcode library crash.

I have now solved it with a "Try .. Catch" on the scanner.start command and in the catch statement I have inserted a msgbox asking the user to manually give permission if they want to use Barcode Scanner.

an android-like approach would have been better, but from what I understand it is not easy to know if an authorization has been given or not. I found something for notifications but nothing for the Camera.

Obviously, the "Genius" of the Apple Review Team immediately tapped on 'Not Allow' causing the issues.

Thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction.

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