iOS Question Absolute bug and mistreatment of informer trying to help - Launch screens fail in iOS8.3

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Simon Smith

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This post has nothing to do with the AppStore.

Erel refuses to believe that Launch images are not working on devices. Other people have reported it. One so recently.

So I took the liberty of downloading all 4 iOS applications to prove it to Erel on iOS 8.3 and these devices:

a) iPad 4
b) iPad mini
c) iPhone 4s

(All of which showed up in their store)

One of the Apps was written by Erel.

Firstly I am disgusted he dismissed and deleted my other forum message when this is a bug. As a developer people who help fix your product don't get treated like crap.

What is the probability of all 4 apps not working on at least one device?

I accept that it probably works on a 5s, but I have never seen a B4i launch image work on these devices, the iPad mini and iPad4 less than 3 months old, and some of these apps released days ago.

Lets watch the video shall we.

Then we'll see if I get an apology. I am a forensic investigator. I'm helping others. I am disgusted I have to do this. It is not fair on your customers and it is a waste of my time. He keeps blaming me, so let the video speak for itself.

If this is deleted then B4i goodbye.

Video evidence of 4 production apps producing no launch image (a black screen) - 38MB - high res - hosted.

Free link: Proof.mp4 (I'm over it) - 4 commercial B4i Apps.

Again I am not saying they don't get accepted by the AppStore. However I submitted an app that worked on all three devices and was rejected because Apple now test it on any device they like. They said it didn't work on an iPad Air. They said it stuck on the black. THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY LAYOUT BUT LETS TAKE A LOOK AT THESE B4i LIVE APPS, INCLUDING EREL'S, ON THE APPSTORE AVAILABLE FOR TABLETS AND PHONES.

I deserve an apology from Erel, if not, I will never help anyone ever again. I have been developing pocket pc's and real proper applications for 24 years, and I have worked high level support and never would I treat a customer like this. I'm disgusted and feel mistreated. Erel's answer, delete the thread. I'm over it. I'll stay to myself now. My time is valuable. I don't have time to be treated like a moron. I would have thought the developer's of these apps would want them to work on these devices?

I bet Erel deletes this because he is not a Analyst, there's a difference between a programmer and an Analyst Programmer (who does everything).



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I didn't delete any of your messages.

I'm afraid that you are not reading my posts. I already wrote (10 times) that B4i doesn't add launch images for you except of three images that are required to run in native mode.

There is nothing to prove.

The three launch images added are for iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. On all other devices there will be no launch image.

I also wrote 10 times that there wasn't a single app developed with B4i that was rejected because of a missing launch image. Your claim that the layout was not loaded because of a missing launch image is wrong. I will also lock this thread as your posts confuse other developers and I'm afraid will waste their precious time.

Thread moved to the questions forum as this is not a bug. It is the expected behavior.
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