Bug? [SOLVED] Insert Designer Component Error [SD_TextView]


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Hello [B4X] [XUI] [B4XLib] SD_TextView I will talk about an error in the library.

We found the cause of this error with the library builder. He told me to report this error to @Erel .

In short, in order to add a component in the library, I always right click on the designer and add a new one. I wanted to do this using this library but I encountered an error.


After a few tests, I added the component to the designer from the Add New button next to the File button. The error disappeared.

Discussion in these intervals #47 > #56

Detection of the error: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-xui-b4xlib-sd_textview.121178/post-778511


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