Android Question Something not quite right about breakpoint setting


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Latest B4A, Bridge 2.14, Windows 10, Android 6.01

The latest update to B4A seems to have affected how breakpoints work on my system.

They work (Legacy and Rapid debugger) but it sometimes takes two installs on the target before they have any effect.

Example: I see an app running through the legacy debugger and the logs are working as they should. I stop the app through the debugger and set a breakpoint. Compile, download and run the app again (all the usual things happen - app killed, install question, logs working) and the breakpoint has no effect (even though the code is being executed) and the breakpoint indicator is showing. If i stop the app again and reinstall it (without changing the set breakpoint) the breakpoint works.

This does not happen every time - mostly the breakpoints work as they should so i may need to refine the actual sequence of events as i understand more about what is happening.

Is anyone else seeing this?