B4J Tutorial SQLite or MySQL database

  1. For any project where a database is required - it's very important to have possibility to see the database data, to debug the app.
  2. If the app is used on a remote server host, and the database is getting bigger and bigger - it's not comfortable to see file-based SQLite database, as file copying is needed any time when changed data.
  3. Server database like MySQL, MariaDB can be explored by web-db-managment tools, like "phpMyAdmin", that requires to have a web-server and PHP installed, configured, db user rights and user privileges done...
  4. MySQL needs JDBC driver connector with connections pool, DButils with extra settings and such network connection may be broken any time. Security question is also here...
I tried all these steps and finally decided to use ... just SQLite file database, but as the web-server and PHP are already installed - with the web-based database tool, like Adminer https://www.adminer.org/ that supports SQLite db as well as default MySQL one.

And now it's stable fast working, visible via a web-browser and does not need to setup many things...if to know all these on time.

Attached the PHP-script set:
  • index.php - Adminer tool, latest version 4.8.1 (can be updated from the project web-site), used for access to MySQL or other web-base databases, with known host, db-name, login and password
  • sqlite.php - script, where you need to setup the path to your SQLite db file and the password (with any login name), and use it for access to your server's SQLite database file
  • other 2 files are dependencies of Adminer
Note: SQLite database name here is the full path to a file, like "/home/linuxusername/somefolder/db.sqlite3"



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