Android Question StartServiceAtExact vs StartServiceAt


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@Erel Well,now we should use StartServiceAtExact for android > 4.4 and StartServiceAt for android < 4.4 ?
or we can use StartServiceAtExact for all android versions?


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StartServiceAtExact behaves exactly the same as StartServiceAt on Android 4.3-.

Whether you should use the Exact version or not depends on your app requirements.
i am not sure that i understand exactly
You mean we can startserviceatexact on old android version?for example android 2.3?


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I am trying to use this code:
StartServiceAtExact(svcDownload, + X ,True)
But it generates an error:
Error description: Undeclared variable 'startserviceatexact' is used before it was assigned any value.
I am using a phone with OS 5.0. How do you get StartServiceAtExact to work. It is not recognized?
Thank you