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I followed the tutorial at this address

Copy the StringFunctions.jar and StringFunctions.xml to the Extra Libraries folder.

I copied them to my "ANDROID LIBRERIE" folder
In "Configure Paths" I have : additional library: C:\ANDROID LIBRERIE
I wrote this code:

Sub Globals
   Dim sf As StringFunctions
End Sub
but "sf" is in red and writes "Are you missing a library reference?

What did I forget?



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In libraries manager I added "StringFunctions"
Now the error has disappeared, but (for exemple) Dim(....) is in red
Thank you


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I would not use the StringFunctions library, it is no more supported. The author, margret, seems to be inactive in the forum for about three years.
I suggest you to learn to use the 'standard' B4A functions


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Hi @klaus
I read the tutorial in point 4.9 but I did not find what I was looking for.
What I have to do is very simple, but not knowing the instructions becomes difficult :(

I have a string that contain "0001abscd3efgh"
I want to obtain two strings
The first with "0001"
The second with "abscd3efgh"
Every time the first four characters

Help me please

Thank you