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i was able to install the bridge and even debug an sample app, but after i ran the app again, it never goes beyond "waiting..." icon.

so i uninstalled the app and the bridge. now i cant even install bridge, it keep saying "waiting..." icon forever.

iPod Touch 5th Gen with iOS 8.1.0
OSX Yosemite 10.10.1
XCode 6.1.1

I Have
-Cleaned Safari History
-Cleaned the b4i java server folder on OSX
-Restarted Device
-Restated OSX

Please help anyone.

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yes, at the time of installation. the installation dialog appears asking for permission to install but the icon always says waiting in the app list/grid.

but i kind of fixed it, dont know what and where something was wrong. i deleted all the provision file, certs, app id and even b4i cert on device and started from zero.

i am using OSX inside a VM, so there might be some communication problem.
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