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Discussion in 'iOS Questions' started by Semen Matusovskiy, Oct 12, 2019 at 10:59 PM.

  1. Semen Matusovskiy

    Semen Matusovskiy Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Hi, guys --

    To subclass UIViewController in XCode is enough simple due to wizards. For example,

    #import <UIKit/UIKit.h>

    @interface FirstViewController : UIViewController
    @implementation FirstViewController
    - (BOOL) prefersStatusBarHidden { NSLog(@
    "prefersStatusBarHidden"); return YES; }
    But how to do the same in B4I ?
    I tried to use Erel's shouldAutorotate as layout. shouldAutorotate works, but methods, which I try to add, are not called.

    Any ideas ?
  2. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    What are you trying to do?
  3. Semen Matusovskiy

    Semen Matusovskiy Well-Known Member Licensed User

    In B4I I created a new project and added
    #if OBJC
    @interface UIViewController (Test)
    @implementation UIViewController (Test)
    - (BOOL) shouldAutorotate { NSLog (@"shouldAutorotate"); return true; }
    - (BOOL) prefersStatusBarHidden { NSLog(@"StatusBar"); return YES; }
    - (UIStatusBarStyle) preferredStatusBarStyle { NSLog(@"StatusBarStyle"); return UIStatusBarStyleLightContent; }
    #End If
    shouldAutorotate is called, other methods - not.

    In Catalyna, XCode 11.1 I created a new project using "Tabbed App". In FirstViewController.m inside @implementation FirstViewController I added
    - (UIStatusBarStyle) preferredStatusBarStyle { NSLog(@"FirstView: preferredStatusBarStyle"); return UIStatusBarStyleLightContent; }
    - (BOOL) prefersStatusBarHidden { NSLog(@"FirstView: prefersStatusBarHidden"); return YES; }
    Then an analog code for SecondViewController.
    - (BOOL) prefersStatusBarHidden { NSLog(@"SecondView: prefersStatusBarHidden"); return NO; }
    - (UIStatusBarStyle) preferredStatusBarStyle { NSLog(@"SecondView: preferredStatusBarStyle"); return UIStatusBarStyleDarkContent; }
    Works fine.

    After this I added to main.m the same code as in B4I. IOS works as expected (methods are called inside main.m and First/SecondViewController).
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