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Hi Erel,

Speed of getting application built with B4A has been incredible with additional libraries and support from the forum. My greatest challenges is designing moden great look and feel applications for Multiple Devices and not even know some of the new devices out there.

I have followed the tutorial below and others. But getting a good screen design to accommodate multiple devices is taking tons of my time instead of focussing on the core app functionalities

Whiles Android Studio makes this aspect much more easier to for developers with xml, I am wondering if there is any plan to move to pure xml approach like android studio or some more easy responsive approach.



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The first sentence in this tutorial is:
This is an old tutorial. I recommend to instead watch the visual designer video tutorial:

I don't agree that building the layouts with XML is easier. If you like you can load XML layouts with XmlLayoutBuilder library. You will find out that it is quite complicated to design your layout like this.

You should instead learn how to use anchors and designer script. The visual designer video tutorial is a good place to start.

I am wondering if there is any plan to move to pure xml approach
There are no such plans.
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