Android Question TextureAtlas, Accelerated Surface and memory usage to avoid problems..


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Hi to all, I'm new here, sorry for my bad english.
I have 3 questions. Actually I'm porting some games to b4a using accelerated surface lib and works very very well. I've readed in the forum that sometimes there are problems loading bitmaps into memory (I've used LoadScaledBitmap function and works without problems loading 200 bitmaps). Personally I haven't any issue at this moment in the devices that I'm probing the game. In order to avoid any future problem I've used the TextureAtlas lib that is in the forum and using a 2048x2048 texture the program takes 4 or 5 seconds to load the texture and apply the subimages to the bitmaps. Using LoadScaledBitmap seems that the images load instantly, so my questions are:

-To avoid future problems loading more than 100 bitmaps, is better to use TextureAtlas?
-The TextureAtlas lib load first the texture into memory with the consequent increase in memory expenditure?