The 100,000+ downloads - receipts?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by LucaMs, Jun 20, 2015.

  1. LucaMs

    LucaMs Expert Licensed User

    An our friend (member) has > 50.000 downloads and, thanks to banners and interstitials, he gained (perhaps earned) only € 230.
    Must you get 1,234,567,890 downloads to earn?
  2. ilan

    ilan Expert Licensed User

    The answer is defently no.

    the download rate is not the only factor that counts.

    If the app is in daily use u dont need 1.000.000 downloads to live from that app. So the traffic counts thatswhy i try to make apps that are in daily use. Normally games are not, you can earn from games only if you got a big winner and many downloads. But this can change very fast until the game get bored and people look for something new.

    But the good news are that with 1 mil downloads you can promote new games to those users and keep them with your products if you are fast enough. Instead of showing always ads you can show from time to time promotion of your new apps and get lots of downloads for free.

    Good luck

    Btw you promised to yourself in 2015 to make 10 apps, have not seen until now 1 in share your creation thread, or maybe you got big winners and dont want us steal your ideas ;)
  3. LucaMs

    LucaMs Expert Licensed User

    Yes, my question was not precise; it was not about the downloads.

    I still can not figure out what is the easiest way to cash out a lot with the publication of apps.

    I posted my question several times:
    How? How? How some sw house earn millions with apps? (They spend millions of dollars on advertising, so they definitely earn millions of dollars!).

    It is still a mistery, for me.

    This is the second time that you remind me ... unfortunately I had forgotten that promise; and I have also forgotten that you had remembered me :D
    I would not have been able to maintain this "promise", however: when I promised, I had a lot more free time.

    Thanks, @ilan
  4. ilan

    ilan Expert Licensed User

    just go for the first and i will help you if you want.

    Make a simple app/game publish it and move to the next. You will see after few month you have more then 10 apps.

    Do you have a google play account?
  5. LucaMs

    LucaMs Expert Licensed User

    I fear that I will never have the peace of mind to complete and publish an app.
    Many thanks, Ilan.

    Yes, I did this stupid thing :D, with the intention to publish a stupid and "malevolent" app, since I had lost patience.

    My account now has certainly mold.
  6. ilan

    ilan Expert Licensed User


    i belive after the first app it will be easier for you.

    You can start with a nice pizza recipe app
    With nice images and share function.

    a real italian pizza recipe app from a real italian... = 1 milion downloads;)
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  7. LucaMs

    LucaMs Expert Licensed User

    Well you succeeded ...

    to make me hungry :p
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