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Soon to launch on the Android App Market!! Well hopefully soon!


It lists a number of race events, from around the world, it's still very much WiP - I will update the apk linked here, but thought I'd throw it out to people to see what they think. I don't mind sharing the source code, although I'd rather it wasn't available for anybody to download - ideally just for licenced B4A developers. It uses a single very simple database table with all of the information held in it.

The app has 4 tabs. 1 which displays all of the Events in chronological order and when the app starts it positions the list on the next events to occur. Tab 2 lists all of the series and then you can single click these items to view all the individual events or long click to add all of the series races to the Favourites. The 3rd tab holds the Favourites currently listed. A long click will remove individual items. The 4th tab is an Options tab - this still needs quite a bit of work to it.

I'm only developing the app. in the evenings at the moment. It's taken about 3 weeks to get it to where it is.

There needs to be some colour added - this is in the pipeline and some "nice to haves" on top of the core functionality.. :)

Three screen resolutions are currently catered for.. 320x480 480x800 (240 dpi) and 480x800 (160dpi) - so tablets are also covered...

AdMob advertising is included as well.

As mentioned it is really late Alpha / pre Beta release software.. So a few debug messages are still in place.

By all means let me know what you think of it!! All constructive criticism is welcomed :)


Changes made, new apk attached (just, under the size limit!!). I have made a few fine tune adjustments and also, hopefully expanded and improved some of the processing. It's version 0.4 now.. With quite a few additions to go before making it to around 0.9 and something that I will be happy to release on to the market..! Hopefully the difficult stuff is out of the way - a re-write of the main list function from ListView to ScrollView.



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50k+ downloads now.

2015 dates being added. A revamp and Series Link added - so that Whole Series added in one go to the Favourites will be added to Favourites automatically next year and every year there after!

A few more updates due this year - once all of the 2015 dates are added for all the Series we have. Calendar integration being one of the chief ones.

I've purchased Fred's ULV Lib as well, so quite a visual re-vamp is planned as well...