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Thank you Erel,

It is 2005 or 2007 is enough for me to make my self confidence when people asking me about B4X in case they ask me about product life cycle.
Most of them known better with popular app out there but when talking about B4X, they seem a little bit thinking about what kind of that thing.

It's more require argue to make them open their eyes that there is a good, easy and powerful Tool which (almost) do what the popular one does.

I believe one day B4X will take a position on top of best productive RAD tool available and most people will talking and (consider) using it.

I hope B4X still exist in 5, 10 or even 20 years later (and i believe no need to make a wish in wish-forum for this)

At first step, in 2 days trying B4J and can create beautiful layout of app is amazing (i even don't believe my self can do it)


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Agree fully.

My only fear is Google will buy B4X, and ...
Please don't sell B4X, Erel.