Android Question The second channel is a port in the ip camera server?


Example MJPEG_CCTV (
implements an ip server for streaming a camera image from an Android phone.
I need to organize a second port on the same server - a control channel. It will receive commands from the client application 10 times per second and send telemetry data (several tens of simple digital parameters) to the client 10 times per second.
Therefore, I need the server to listen on two ports, and to process commands and telemetry on the command port in parallel with the transmission of the video stream.
How to set such a mode of your server so that:
a) Two independent desks (or channels), where is the second channel interactive (reception and transmission of codes)?
b) An independent command processing cycle against the background of constant transmission of video to another port ?.

Thank you for any advice


This will be used for control over the Internet. In the AsyncStreams examples, you said that this will not work on the Internet, but only on the local network.
My task is that the control panel receives telemetry from the robot and sends commands to it constantly and interactively.
I looked closely at the examples on this forum, but I still don't understand how this can be done.
Буду признателен за любой пример или подсказку.

P.S. Robot consists of an Ardruino and an Android phone, which controls the Ardruino device, and at the same time takes telemetry data from it. An Android phone simultaneously uses a camera to stream video. Android opens a connection via the Internet on a static IP from a mobile sim card
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