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I think there should be a different software platform (B4X).

The reason..
More support for Erel, support for library developers, strickly library must comply and made only for B4X with all calls supporting all platforms(IOS, Android and etc), no codes with "if b4a" or "if b4i" they should all work with all platforms if possible, Separate forum with own library.

B4a and b4i is merging with b4x can be confusing and hard to maintain.

Just my opinion.
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Wishes should be posted in the Bugs and Wish Forum.
Though is think it never happen as the Platforms (B4A/J/i) are too Differently.
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no programming language can do that perfect.

but the basics schould work.
u need os or hardware independent source code.
same gui for all apps, provided by ide.
no additional librarys that break the code once rule.
basic support for camera images.
remote database access & sqllite.
limited load/save preexisting paths via alias name.
that would fit for the greater part of apps but with a lack of flexibility / functionality.

app game kit do it very well but there you have commands that work at android and not at ios, or at android and not pc.
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iOS, Android and the desktop platforms have many differences between them. I think that the current approach which makes it easy to share some of the code and still add platform specific code is a good approach. There are still things that need to improve, like the ability to convert or reuse layout files more easily.

Features such as XUI, XUI Views, xCustomListView, the ability to reference modules and the relatively new b4xlibs prove themselves to be very useful for building cross platform solutions.

I've just updated an old app of mine that I built for my local community:

In the past it was built with two separate projects where some of the code was duplicated. Now almost all of the code is in two classes shared between the projects.

About the separate forum. I don't want to add 5+ more sub-forums (B4X questions, B4X snippets, B4X libraries, B4X bugs + wishlist and B4X share your creations). More forums = more work required to move the questions to the correct place. I also don't think that the forum tree is very useful. I only use the search engine to find threads.

The direction is actually different, I plan to merge the B4A, B4i and B4J forums at some point.
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Ah, OK - i think they can find another description like "not available in your country" or similar :D
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