Android Question Trying to start DJI Waypoints Mission after WaypointOperator.StopMission


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Hi Erel,

I have run the DroneMission example from your DJI library post and it works wonderfully when I press "Start Mission" and "Stop Mission" buttons! However, when I try to press "Start Mission" again, the buttons just flicker (enable and disable) but the drone does not resume flight. In order for me to get the app to work again, I had to restart my drone, the remote, and the app all together.

Can you please explain what could be the reason behind the mission not being restarted after I prematurely hit the "Stop Mission" button? The WaypointOperator label always says "READY_TO_EXECUTE" when I press "Start Mission" but no auto-takeoff after the first flight. Does WaypointOperator perform auto-takeoff only on the first time? Does the app attempt to reconnect if it loses connection with the remote?

Also some of these may be obvious, could you please clarify what exactly these functions do to the drone?

I want to take my DJI phantom for a flight today and I want to be careful not to drop the drone out of the sky. ;)

Thanks! I am extremely grateful for your help!


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This is a community forum. Don't limit your questions to a single member.

You need to monitor the logs and see why it failed to restart the mission. You can connect the device to the PC with USB debug mode shortly after the flight to see the logs.

You can see the usage of these methods in the example.
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