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    As I wanted to post messages to Twitter within my B4J app I couldn't find any Twitter library's (or code) to use with B4J, so I created this small library to allow me to tweet messages to Twitter.

    Note From Zapier(26/07/2018):
    Version 1.00
    - Tweet Text
    - Tweet Text & Image

    - B4J Version 6.30 or above.
    - Zapier Account (Free account will work fine)
    - TwitterZapier Library - Attached to this post.

    Although I created this for B4J, I believe it should also work in B4A & B4i but haven't test in B4A or B4i.

    Full Tutorial found here: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/twitterzapier-library-tutorial.95353/

    Any questions feel free to ask in the Questions forum.

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