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As I wanted to post messages to Twitter within my B4J app I couldn't find any Twitter library's (or code) to use with B4J, so I created this small library to allow me to tweet messages to Twitter.

Note From Zapier(26/07/2018):
In February 2018, Twitter announced new guidelines around the use of automation and multiple accounts. These guidelines are intended to prevent the spread or promotion of spam on their platform. Amongst other things, Twitter is reaching this goal by limiting the use of automation tools, such as Zapier, on their platform.

To comply with Twitter's goal to keep its users safe, we're making the following changes:
  • We're disabling the ability to post duplicate or near-duplicate Tweets using Zaps. If we detect that a Zap in your account has already posted the same content, your Zap will stop, and your Task History will show the error message “Unable to create tweet, duplicate of existing tweet detected".
  • We're adding restrictions to the rate at which Zaps can post to Twitter. Zaps will be limited to 50 tweets per 30 minutes.
Version 1.00
- Tweet Text
- Tweet Text & Image

- B4J Version 6.30 or above.
- Zapier Account (Free account will work fine)
- TwitterZapier Library - Attached to this post.

Although I created this for B4J, I believe it should also work in B4A & B4i but haven't test in B4A or B4i.

Full Tutorial found here: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/twitterzapier-library-tutorial.95353/

Any questions feel free to ask in the Questions forum.


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