iOS Question Unable to create provisioning profile with push notification in app id


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Hello. I went through the video tutorials for creating a B4I push notifications app, and in my apple developer account, I create the explicit app id (ticking the push notification),
then the certificate (Apple Push Notification service SSL (Sandbox & Production)). But when I move on to creating the (Ad Hoc) provisioning file, after I select the app id and press on "Continue" button, I am presented with:

No Certificates are available.
Click "Create Certificate." to create a Certificate. You need a Certificate to configure a Provisioning Profile.

Even if I go back and create another certificate, still I am unable to move beyond that point.
If I don't include push notification in the app id, then I don't face any issues in creating the provisioning file.
Using: B4i version 5.51, Local builder, macos Mojave, Xcode version 10.1