B4J Question Uno with internet modules (ESP-01Wifi or Ethernet LAN)

Roger C

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I'm trying to connect an Uno to network (and in near future a Nano also).
More or less like the schematic below with a WiFi-module.

As far as I understand, there is no library for Uno for connecting to a network?
There are a lot of examples in the forum for Ethernet and ESP8868 (the big board) but none of them works on this setup and especially not with Uno.

When powered up, I can access the AP and connect from my Android. I do an IP search and find both the mobile and this module. But when I try to connect to it with TCP Client in Android it doesn't work.

When bypassing Arduinos boot (with RESET to GND) I can access the board from my PC through the USB (with the module connected to pins 0 and 1) by using Arduinos Serial Monitor.
I can send AT-commands to the module... Or some at least. Querys with questionmarks doesn't work.
But still, it is alive.

I have found a lot of examples and librarys in C# but I can't program in C#.

In some threads I've seen references for using this module with SoftwareSerial but haven't found anything describing how it should work. The BT-example uses this but that was working by itself, Wifi needs more setup.

Anyone got this setup up and running?

To answer some questions right away:
- No I will not buy another board or get an Ethernet Shield. I have lots of Uno, Nano and Mega that I plan to use and also a lot of 8266 modules.
- This means I would really like to have a solution that works for Nano and Mega too.

Thanks in advance.