B4J Question B4J IDE runs on Linux :)


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I don't know if this is old news to people here, but the B4J IDE (including the designer) runs on Ubuntu 20.4 with the latest Crossover (V20).

Crossover even has B4J as a known app, so the install is relatively painless.

But - and there's always a but - when I try to run a simple program B4J complains "Robocopy.exe" is missing.

I'm googling it all, but whilst I am has anyone else solved this?

So, so close ... :)


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Okey now i tested the windows 7 x64 and i would say 4.5/5, most works right except some dialogs (for example creating a new project) begins as a black screen and slowly paints itself.

fortunately jdk 11 downloaded from the b4j page works with UI app and the packager works, but the packaged file does not lol šŸ˜…

so far i am impressed that we are able to run wpf projects in linux and the jdk too, this was impossible 2 years ago.

MaxRamForDex to 1024.
this wasnt necessary in the x64 enviroment
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