Android Tutorial User's Guide

This guide is obsolete ! It is no more updated.
Please use the B4X Booklets.

A User's Guide in pdf format is available here :

This guide is a continuation of the Beginner's Guide which is also deprecated!

The latest edition is : Edition 1.7

- Libraries
-- IME Input Methods Editor
- SQLite Database this chapter has moved from the Beginner's Guide
- GPS this chapter has moved from the Beginner's Guide
- Widgets
- Advanced drawings

-- View Drawables
-- Layers with Panels / ImageViews / Images
-- Diagrams / Charts

Missing chapters.
- DBUtils
- Http / HttpUtils
- Network / AsyncStreams

Best regards.

EDIT 2012.04.11 Edition 1.1
- Added chapters
- DBUtils
- Http / HttpUtils
- Network / AsyncStreams

EDIT 2013.01.06 Edition 1.2
Some chapters updated
Added chapter
- Classes

EDIT 2013.05.28 Edition 1.3
Updated to Basic4Android version 2.70
- HttpUtils2
- CustomViews in Designer
- Properties in classes

EDIT 2014.06.15 Edition 1.4
- Updated to Basic4Android version 3.80
- New chapters:
-- Conditional Compilation
-- #AdditionalJar attribute
- Added the SQLiteLight examples
- Updated the SQLExample

EDIT 2015.08.27 Edition 1.5
- Updated to Basic4Android version 5.20

EDIT 2015.12.07 Edition 1.6
- Updated to B4A version 5.50
- SQLite chapter improved.

EDIT 2016.02.28 Edition 1.7
- Updated to B4A version 5.80
- Classes chapter rewritten.

Best regards.

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This is actually very good! The charts, the sprites, the databases, the gps examples... :sign0188:


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Get me some of that. Down loaded and copied to the tablet for some bedtime reading.



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Hello Klaus,

Outstanding work! Most comprehensively structured and explained including background information such as
longitude and latitude distances in the GPS chapter! A one-stop reference.

Do you still have time for mountain hiking?



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Hi guys.
Thank you for your nice comments.

Do you still have time for mountain hiking?
Oh yes, don't worry.
I was hiking yesterday, today and will go again on thursday.

Best regards.

The picture below was taken 2 weeks ago, a whole day Snowshoe hiking.
Alpage de l'Arpille and Rhone valley.


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Fantastic work Klaus! :sign0098:

I've just had a quick look through and it seems very comprehensive.

Love the picture. Reminds me of a walking holiday we had in Mayrhofen a couple of years ago.


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thanks for great work!

Any chance to have it in other format - epub / mobi / rtf - to make it more e-readers friendly?


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Thanks Klaus - this is a wonderful document, with lots of excellent examples. :sign0008:



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Great documents - Thanks.

As a beginner its so useful to have something you can print out and can study 'off-line'. Really helps to speed up the learning process (and conversion from VB/VBA)!

..And thanks too to all contributors on this forum - its one of the freindliest and most helpful I have used.