Android Question Using Camera in Background - False User Alert

Marcos Alves

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some of our users are reporting that one of our apps is generating an Android system alert as follows:
Sorry, translated from portuguese: "Slax was detected using camera" (Slax is our app)

The notification pops up on screen even when Slax is closed. We don't call camera, microphone or any similar resource in background. This notification only occurs on Samsung devices (I have a Motorola with Android 8 and Other with Android 9 installed without any problem).
Any suggestion what could be happening?

Marcos Alves

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Check the permissions (Logs - List Permissions). Is the camera permission listed?
If not, open the generated AndroidManifest.xml file and look for the camera permission.
Hello @Erel ,

YES, the app needs camera permission, but doesn't request it when in background. Doing some research I discovered that a native library that I use (ABTO SIP) that runs in background to receive SIP phone calls (which allows video and audio calls) maybe is the responsible, because the SIP registration events in our servers are almost coincident with phone alerts.
BUT I'm still confused - the app obviously is not USING THE CAMERA, but this app which has permission to use the camera is starting in background a library that uses (not in background)... should this generate an alert? For me looks that it's an Android system mistake/bug (reinforcing this thesis because this only occurs in Samsung devices...).
What do you think @Erel - is there any way (java command, Manifest, etc...) to avoid this alert being showed by Android in this case?
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