B4A Library Video Player with Full Screen Option Native

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  1. Alberto Iglesias

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    VideoPlayerFullScreen - Native Video Player with Full Screen Button


    Alberto Iglesias - alberto@vnsoft.es
    Version: 1.0.0

      • Fields:
        • DebugMode As boolean
        • Version As String
        • Author As String
      • VideoPlayerFullScreen
        • onInitialized ()
        • onStarting ()
        • onReset ()
        • onState (State as Int)
        • IsInitialized As boolean
        • Initialize (EventName As String)
        • URL (URL As String, Title As String)
        • BackPress As Boolean
        • BringToFront
        • Reset
        • gotoScreenFullscreen
        • gotoScreenNormal
        • DebugMode (bDebug As Boolean)
        • AutoFullScreen (ScreenType As float)
        • Play
        • ThumbnailImage (bm As Bitmap)
        • ReleaseAllVideos
        • RequestFocus As boolean
        • Left As int
        • Background As android.graphics.drawable.Drawable
        • Parent As java.lang.Object [read only]
        • Color As int [write only]
        • Enabled As boolean
        • Top As int
        • State As int [read only]
        • Visible As boolean
        • Height As int
        • Tag As Object
        • Width As int




    You can get the library without *DEMO* in our library store:


    or just make a simple donation through this button and you will receive the library without *DEMO*


    (Do not make any donation before test with the samples attached!)


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